Lyft Stock Forecast 2023-2025-2030-2040-2050

Are you looking for a Lyft stock forecast for 2023-2025-2030-2040-2050?In this article, we are going to analyze stock based on stock past returns, revenue, and finances. We also analyze different website forecasts.

Discuss risk related to stock. Currently Lyft stock is trading at $11.52.

Lyft Company Overview

Company has in business Lyft, Inc. is a company that runs an online platform for people to share rides with others. They also offer bikes and scooters for short trips and help users find public transportation options nearby. The company was started in 2007 by a group of people in San Francisco, CA

Lyft Stock Forecast 2023

Lyft stock’s past 1 month returns 16.15% and 3 Months returns 12.96%. If assume that the average return is 14.5% then Lyft’s stock forecast in 2023  is $13.13.

Lyft Stock Forecast 2025

The past 2 years returns are Negative -81.32%. If the stock gives the same returns in the next 2 years then the stock is $2.1. If the stock improves that balance sheet then the stock can move to $23.

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Lyft stock forecast 2030

According to Yahoo finance analyst desk out 45. Most 34 analyst has a hold call on. In 2021 the company has  3.21B in revenue and In 2022 company generated  4.1B. Revenue. But the company’s Net income is Negative. Company sales growth of 27.64%.

Lyft’s stock forecast for 2030 is $40.

Lyft stock forecast

Lyft stock forecast 2040

Stock P/E is -2.63. And company ROE is very bad -204.58%.Lyft debt to equality ratio is very high 224.77%. Company finances are below average. Lyft company financials are not very good. Company sales and revenue continued to grow but net income is negative.

If the company improves its balance sheets and finances then the stock could move to $60.

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Lyft stock forecast 2050

It’s very difficult to predict the stock for 2050. But we can make a raw idea for 2050 of $70.

Lyft Stock Forecast Table 2023-2050

yearsLyft stock forecast
2030$40-$45 Approx
2040$60 Approx
2050$70 Approx


What is the consensus analyst rating for Lyft stock?

The consensus analyst rating for Lyft stock is “Buy.” Out of 22 analysts covering the stock, 4 have a “Strong Buy” rating, 3 have a “Buy” rating, 15 have a “Hold” rating, and 0 have a “Sell” rating.

What is the average price target for Lyft stock?

The average price target for Lyft stock is $14.08. This means that analysts on average believe that the stock could reach $14.08 in the next year.

What is the highest price target for Lyft stock?

The highest price target for Lyft stock is $24.00. This means that one analyst believes that the stock could reach $24.00 in the next year.

What is the 12-month forecast for Lyft?

After 12 months Lyft’s Stock price forecast is $14.

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