Asian Paints Share Price Target 2025-2030-2040-2050

Asian paints stock in 2025 is between Rs 4000 to 4100.

Hello Investors, this article will help you understand Asian paint companies and Asian Paints Share Price Targets. We will do fundamental analysis and Experts’ targets in articles. In the Paints Sector, Asian Paints Paints is the largest company with a market cap of ₹ 3,12,631 Cr. Company Net Profit grew year on year by 14.1%.

Asian paints are more the 80 years old. Asian Paints is the Largest home decor company in India. This provides a wide range of products like Asian Paints, Berger, Apco, etc. under its umbrella.

Asian Paints Business Model

Asian Paints is a leading paint company in India and has a business model that is based on the following key principles:

  • Direct-to-consumer (D2C) sales: Asian Paints has a strong direct-to-consumer sales network that includes over 70,000 dealers across India. This allows the company to reach a wider range of customers and build stronger relationships with them.
  • Brand differentiation: Asian Paints has a strong brand reputation and is known for its high-quality products. The company invests heavily in research and development to ensure that its products meet the needs of its customers.
  • Focus on innovation: Asian Paints is constantly innovating and developing new products. This helps the company to stay ahead of the competition and meet the changing needs of its customers.
  • Strong distribution network: Asian Paints has a strong distribution network that ensures that its products are available to customers across India. The company has a network of over 100,000 distributors and retailers.
  • Efficient supply chain: Asian Paints has an efficient supply chain that helps to reduce costs and ensure that products are delivered to customers on time. The company has a network of over 20 manufacturing facilities across India.

How to Buy Asian Paints Stock?

You can Buy Asian Paints by Anybrokers

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Asian Paints Company Overview

Company NameAsian Paints Ltd
Market Cap₹ 3,20,338.49 Cr
ROE28.38 %
Debt₹ 1,933 Cr.
Cash₹ 362.88 Cr.
Promoters52.63 %
52 Week High/Low₹ 3,590 / 2,686
Debt to equity0.12
Sector P/E62.4
Asian Paints Company Overview

Asian Paints Share Price Target 2025

Asian paints stock’s past 3 months’ returns are 11.96% and years end returns are 8.15%.In the June quarter of 2023, the operating profit of the company was 2,121 Crores in the previous quarter March 2023 the operating profit was 1,865 Crores. if take average yearly returns of 10% then Asian paints stock in 2025 is between Rs 4000 to 4100.

Asian paints Share Price Target
Asian paints net profit Trends and predicated.

Asian Paints Share Price Target 2030

Asians Paints past 3 years compounded sales growth is 20% and compounded profit is 15%. Which is good. It will stop giving the same return in upcoming years. Asian Paint’s share price target is between Rs 5700 to 6200 by 2030.

Asian Paints Share Price Target 2040

Asian Paints 84% of the revenue comes from decoration to business. Home decor business generates 4% revenue.

industrial coating generates 3% of revenue and the international operation generates 9% of revenue if you see the geographical revenue from Asia 44%.

And from the Middle East 29% from Africa 22% and the South Pacific 4%. Asian Paint’s share price target is between Rs 7000 to 7500.

Asian Paints Share Price Target 2050

  • The company has the following subsidies ppg Asian paint private limited 50% stake held.
  • Obgenix Software Private Limited 49% stock.
  • The company has 24 subsidies.

By 2050 Asian Paints will acquire more companies and expand their business. The price of the stock will also increase. Asian Paint’s share price target in 2050 is between Rs 9000 to 10000.

Asian Paints Share Price Target 2025-2050

Asian Paints Share Price Target 2025-2050

YearsMinimum TargetMaximum Target
2025Rs 4000Rs 4100
2030Rs 5700Rs 6200
2040Rs 7000 ApproxRs 7500 Approx
2050Rs 9000 AppoxRs 10,000 Approx
Asian Paints Share Price Target 2025-2050

Asian Paints Share Price Target by Experts

According to the money control website, 30 analysts have their reviews and forecasts for the Asian paint stock 13 a boy 11 as a hold and 15 as a sell. And the average stock price prediction for 2025 is 4045.

According to the Economics Time website. 37 and list have their reviews the average as a preference to hold the stock.

Asian paints Share Price target by tradingView

Asian Paints stock strengths and weaknesses


  • Foreign institutional investor increase their holding by 0.46%
  • Domestic institutional investors also increased their holding by 0.05%.
  • Return on equity over the past 3  years is 26%.


  • The fast five-year current ratio of a company is 186.56 versus the industrial average is 188.96%.


All over the financial stock is very stable and the efficiency is not really good. Asian Paints stock is really dependent on crude oil so this fluctuates with the crude oil price. And the stock piece also is 68.8 whereas the industry P/E is 62.4.

This article is for Educational purpose .Do not invest on behalf of information provided in the article. Please consult an expert before making decisions We are not SEBI registered advisor .  


Is Asian Paints a good stock to buy now?

According to the analysts 4000 prices for the next 1 year.

Is Asian Paint a debt-free company?

The company has debt for FY2023 is Rs 9,333.44 crores.

Is Asian Paints a good buy for the long term?

Asian Paints Last 10 Years’ Returns are +675.26%. Company Revenue is Increasing year on Year.

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