Happiest Minds Share Price Target 2025-2030-2040-2050

Happiest Minds share price target for 2025 minimum is Rs 1120 and maximum Rs 1220

Happiest Minds Company is an IT Company with a market cap of ₹ 12,660 Cr. The company has Expertise in Digital Transformation & Enterprise Solutions, Product Engineering, Infrastructure Management, Security, Testing, and Consulting. Happiest Mind has a very strong Client base of 244 in client base they have 57 companies have more billion dollars corporation.

Happiest Minds company overview

Happiest Minds Technologies Limited (NSE: HAPPSTMNDS) is a next-generation digital transformation, infrastructure, security, and product engineering services company. It promotes itself as a “Mindful IT Company” focusing on delivering seamless customer experiences, business efficiency, and actionable insights for its clients.

Company NameHappiest Minds Technologies Ltd
Number of Shares14.69 Cr
Market Cap₹ 14,409.52 Cr.
Debt₹ 476.55 Cr
P/E Ratio66.59
52 High/Low₹ 1,136/₹ 763.25
Cash₹ 674.07 Cr

Happiest Minds Business Model

Happiest Minds business is diversified. They are in IOT blockchain cloud BPM integration securities big data and advanced analytic software defines networking and DevOps. The happiest minds working in blockchain cloud and IoT and these are the sectors. Blockchain IoT and big data are the main concerns in the future.

Happiest Minds Business Overview

  • Services: Happiest Minds offers a comprehensive portfolio of services, including:
    • Digital Transformation: Helping businesses adapt and thrive in the digital era by leveraging emerging technologies like AI, cloud, and automation.
    • Infrastructure Services: Design, implementation, and management of IT infrastructure, including cloud, network, and security solutions.
    • Security Services: Proactive identification, mitigation, and response to cybersecurity threats.
    • Product Engineering Services: Design, development, and maintenance of software products and applications.
    • Data & Analytics: Transforming data into actionable insights to drive better business decisions.
  • Industry Expertise: Happiest Minds caters to a diverse range of industries, including:
    • Automotive
    • BFSI (Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance)
    • Consumer Packaged Goods
    • e-commerce
    • EdTech
    • Engineering R&D
    • Healthcare
    • Hi-Tech
    • Manufacturing
    • Retail
    • Travel/Transportation/Hospitality
  • Global Reach: Happiest Minds operates through a network of offices and delivery centers worldwide, with a strong presence in North America, Europe, and Asia.
  • Focus on Employee Well-being: The company prioritizes employee well-being through its “7Ws” program, covering physical, spiritual, intellectual, professional, social, emotional, and environmental wellness.

Happiest Minds Share Price Target 2025

Happiest Minds shares past 1 month’s returns are Negative -1.94 % and in the past 6 months 13.53%. The happiest minds are not able to give returns to investors. Sales of the company continue to grow in mar 2023 sales of 1333 cores previous year’s sales Mar 2022 of 1034 Crores.

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Compounded Sales Growth
10 Years:35%
5 Years:25%
3 Years:24%

According to analysis, Happiest Minds share price target for 2025 minimum is Rs 1120 and maximum Rs 1220.

Happiest Minds Share Price Target 2030

If we look at the 2030 share price target. then returns of the past 5 years is +161.22%. if the stock performs the same, then the share of happiest minds in 2030 is ₹ 2150.

Happiest Minds Share Price Target 2040

Now let’s see where the companies make more revenue the company generates revenue from the contact with the customer and consists of infrastructure management and security service 22% digital business service 30% and product engineering services 48% and if you see the geographical

Happiest Minds Share Price Target

revenue split then the happiest mind is generated revenue at 81% from export which consists of infrastructure management security services at 14% digital services at 23% and product engineering services at 44%.

In the future the company will increase its export share price target of Happiest Minds of 2040 is ₹ 3500.

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Happiest Minds Share Price Target 2050

Companies’ free cash flow was reduced in the financial year 2022 which was 163.99 CR and in Financial 2023 which is 67.76 Cr. The last one-year return of the happiest mind stock is 18.98% and the last 5-year return of the stock is 170.60%. It would be nice if a company gave the same in the future then the share price target of Happiest Minds in 2050 is ₹8500.

Happiest Minds Share Price Target table 2025-2050.

YearsHappiest Minds Share Price Target
2025Rs 1100
2030Rs 2150
2040Rs 3500 Estimated
2050Rs 8500 Approx

Happiest Minds Share Holding Pattern

Share HoldersMar 2022Mar 2023

Happiest Minds SWOT analysis


  • The company is giving a good return in the 1st year.
  • Companies increasing their revenue in every quarter for the past 8 quarters
  • Annual net profit improving from past 2 year
  • FIIs increasing their holding

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  • Load durability company
  • The company’s insufficient use of acid to generate profit
  • Declined in net cash flow


  • RSI indicates high strength


  • The company has no threats


The company has well-diversified beginners in upcoming technology like blockchain and their working lots in the IOT segment. He is in the futuristic business where the demand for these things in the future will increase. The stock has given a good return in the past year.

This article is for Educational purpose .Do not invest on behalf of information provided in the article. Please consult an expert before making decisions We are not SEBI registered advisor .  


Is Happiest Mind Share good for the long term?

Yes, Happiest Mind Share is good for the long term as per Company fundamentals.

What is the target price of Happiest Minds in 2030?

Happiest Minds Share price target for 2030 is approx ₹ 1850.

What is the target price of Happiest Minds in 2040?

Happiest Minds Share price target for 2030 is estimated at ₹ 2700.

Is Happiest Minds Debt free company?

No, the Company has a debt of ₹ 476.55 Cr.

What is the P/E ratio of Happiest Mind?

Happiest Mind Share Price is 66.59.

What is the Market Cap of Happiest Minds?

₹ 14,409.52 Cr

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