KPR Mills Share Price Target 2025| Target Achieved

What could be the KPR Mills Share Price Target 2023-2025-2030-2040-2050? More Curious about KPR Mills Stock. KPR Mills company is engaged in the largest vertically integrated Appreal manufacturing companies in India the company’s products are yarn, fabric readymade garments, and wind power.

Through this article, we are going to understand the company’s financials and also do a fundamental analysis of the stock. We will also understand the expert opinion on the KPR Mills company

KPR Mills Stock Chart

KPR Mills Stock Analysis

After the given move in upside stock consisted inside Box. Company Quatery results also going to be announced on 29 April. if the company’s Quarterly results are good then the stock can give a good upside momentum Sharekhan also increases stock from Rs 800 to Rs 926.

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KPR Mills Company Overview

Presently the company’s yarn and fabric account for 43% of revenue followed by the government’s 40% sugar 13% and the other is 4%.

Company NameK.P.R. Mill Ltd
Market Cap₹ 21,366.79 Cr.
P/E Ratio33.65
Sector P/E22.20
Debt₹ 497.99 Cr
Cash₹ 42.76 Cr
52 High/Low₹ 685.90/₹ 479.45
ROE (3 Years)26%
Stock Price CAGR (3 Years)93%
KPR Mills Company Overview

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KPR Mills Share Price Target 2023

The stock is providing a good return in the past 3 months. The stock gave a 6.78% return in the past 1 year. The stock gave 11.78%. These are the decent returns one can expect from a stock currently trading at 629. The predicted stock price in 2023 can reach Rs 720.

The target is Archived Now Stock is Trading at Rs 832.

KPR Mills Share Price Target 2025

Stock average delivery volume in the past 6 months is above 45% but in July month the stock delivery quantities were 54.2%.

image 10

In the past 2 years, the stock has given a return of 68.52% if the calculated same return is in the next 2 years. which is considered to be good returns from stock.KPR Mills Share Price Target 2025 minimum is Rs 980 and the maximum is Rs 1120.

KPR Mills Share Price Target 2030

Kripya Mills’ last 5-year return is 4.83%. It is nice that the average week is 70% of the yearly return. KPR Mills’ stock price in 2030 is Rs 2700.

KPR Mills Share Price Target 2040

KPR Mills has 62% revenue from domestic sales and the rest of the 38% from the international field the company exports to 60 countries its major export definition is the UK China Australia and the USA top 5 sports destinations contribute 60% of total exports in 2021. KPR mill share price target in 2040 ₹6000.

KPR Mills Share Price Target 2050

KPR mill the stock return in part 3 year is 4993.93%. Everyone considers the same 10-year return. Let’s take an average of 15% return in 10 years then the stock price could zoom to ₹15000.

YearsKPR Mills Share Price Target
2030₹2700 Approx
2040₹6000 Approx
2050₹15000 Approx

KPR Mill’s Strengths and Weaknesses


  • The mutual fund has increased its holding from 13.53% to 13.69% in the June quarter
  • The institutional investor also increased their holding from 17.63% to 17.74% in the June quarter


  • In the last 5 years, the free cash flow growth has been negative -39.6% versus the industry average is -39.56.
  • FIIs and FPI invested decreased from 156 to 146 in the June quarter and also holding was reduced from 3.07% to 3.03% in the June quarter.

KPR Mills Share Price Target By Experts

KPR Mills Share Price Target by Economic Times ShareKhan

KPR Mills’ share price target given by Sharekhan is 800 which is achieved. Now stock is trading at Rs 835. Now Again on 849.95, they are giving Target Rs 962.

ExpertsDateKPR Mills Share Price Target
ShareKhan13 June 2023Rs 800
ICICI Direct29 April 2022Rs 815
East India Securities Ltd28 Jul, 2017Rs 944
Firstcall Research14 Aug 2015Rs 825
ShareKhan17 Dec 2021Rs 755
ICICI Direct01 May 2021Rs 1620
data from money control

KPR Mills Share Price Target by Economic Times

According to the Economic Times 7 analysis, the review is 7 of 7 as a buy.

KPR Mills Share Price Target By TradingView

According to the trading view analysis, the 9 analysis one-year target is Rs 804. maximum and minimum is Rs 656.

KPR Mills Share Price Target

Personal Opinion

As you already see the stock gives a good return here on a month-on-month basis. The stock has well good sense in the first year at 23% and returns on equity in the past 3 years are also 26%.


Overall the stock is really good in the industry. This is a market leader but the price-to-book value is high. And the stock and weakness we already explained.

This article is for Educational purpose .Do not invest on behalf of information provided in the article. Please consult an expert before making decisions We are not SEBI registered advisor .  

Is KPR Mill a good investment?

Yes, this could be a good investment because stock returns are good. past 3 years stock returns are 623.50%.

What is the debt of KPR mills?

The debt of KPR Mills company is ₹ 497.99 Cr.

Who are the owners of KPR Mills?

Owners of KPR mills is MR. K.P. RAMASAMY.

what will be the KPR Mills Share Price Target in 2025?

KPR Mills’ share price target in 2025 is Rs 1039.

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