Paradeep Phosphate Share Price Target 2025-2030-2040-2050

We see blue skies ahead for Pradeep Phosphate Sure to rise high, analysts predict the stock soaring to 120 by 2025

Paradeep Phosphate Limited is India’s second-largest private-sector phosphate company with a capacity of 3.0 MMTPA. The company operates in 15 states of India. The company has a permanent employee of 1500 Plus and the companies are connected to 8 million farmers.

In this article, we will forecast the future share price of Pradeep Phosphate based on Fundamental and company performance.

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Paradeep Phosphate Company Overview

Paradeep Phosphate Limited is a manufacturer of non-urea fertilizers in India the company is engaged in the manufacturing of trading distribution and sales of a variety of complex fertilizers such as dap 3 grade of nitrogen Phosphorus potassium phosphor gyms and hydrochloric acid.

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Paradeep Phosphate Share Price Target 2025

The stock is listed on NSE on 23 May 2022. After that, the stock started giving a good return. In the past month, the stock gave a 2.42% return and in the past 3 months, the stock gave a nice return of 22.82%. averages a 15% return quarterly by the stock and the stock price till 2025 is Rs 120.

Paradeep Phosphate Share Price Target 2030

In the financial year 2023, the company made a total income of 37,146 Crores. Company revenue from operations will increase by a CAGR of 32% from 2019 to 2023. Paradeep Phosphate’s share price target in 2030 is approx Rs 280.

Paradeep Phosphate Share Price Target 2040

Return on equity in financial 2023 is 10.6% net dead to equity ratio in the financial year 2023 is 1.3 x. Promoter holding is 56% which is a nice 5% of the portfolio from the foreign investor. The mutual fund has 18% and the other is 17% and insurance companies also have a 4% holding in Paradeep phosphate Shares.

Paradeep Phosphate’s share price target could expect till 2040 is estimated at 600 to 700.

Paradeep Phosphate Share Price Target 2050

Company compounding sales growth in the last three years is 47% fast five years is 29% and compounding profit growth in the past 3 years is 60%. Fast 5 years is 15%. Sales and profit growth are good and if the company performs well and improves its balance sheet the stock price till 2050 could be reached to approx 1400 to 1500. 

Paradeep Phosphate Share Price Target Table

YearsParadeep Phosphate Share Price Target
2025Rs 120
2030Rs 280
2040Rs 600 to 700
2050Rs 1400 to 1500

Paradeep Phosphate stock strength and weaknesses


  • In 2021 the company had a free cash flow of 1332 crores but in 2022 the company spent on capital expenditure
  • Total revenue for this quarter has increased by 93.0% here on here.
  • The Stock PE ratio is 17.04


  • Paradeep phosphate underperforming

Paradeep Phosphate target by experts

According to the trading view the maximum target is 100% and the minimum is 71 rupees.


Paradeep phosphate company is a financially stable company and the valuation of companies is also very attractive and the efficiency of a company is also really good. Good investment stock. But before investing do your own analysis.

This article is for Educational purpose .Do not invest on behalf of information provided in the article. Please consult an expert before making decisions We are not SEBI registered advisor .  


What is the future of Paradeep phosphate stock?

Recording the current scenario the stock is performing well and the company also introducing a new product. The future of the company could be bright.

Is Paradeep Phosphate a debt-free company?

Paradeep phosphate is not a free company as it has 4648 cores.

Are there analyses to recommend or report on Paradeep phosphate share price target?

Most of the endlessness recommendations are a boy on Paradeep phosphate for the target of Rs 100 and 120 rupees.

What is the current share price target for Paradeep phosphate?

The current share price of Paradeep phosphate is Rs 100.

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