Snowflake Stock Price Prediction 2023-2025-2030-2040-2050

This is an article specially for those readers who are looking for investment in snowflake stock and we also are providing Snowflake Stock Price Prediction 2023-2025-2030-2040 and 2050.

We will analyze the different websites. After that, we are the snowflake stock forecast. On their analysis desk what they are recommending for the snowflake stock and what are their future targets for the snowflake stock?

And we are also doing a fundamental analysis of the stock and we will also go through the financials of the companies and the future growth of a company.

Snowflake Company Overview

Snowflake is basically in the business of providing cloud data warehousing software. Der online platform supports a range of uses including data warehousing data Lake data engineering data science data application development and data sharing.

Company NameSnow flex Inc
Market cap$56.97 billion
Share Outstanding325.9 million
Public float278.72 million
Share Outstanding6.25 million
Snowflake Company Overview

Snowflake Stock Price Prediction 2023

Snowflake stock’s one-month return is 84% and the past 3-month return is 31.76% which is nice. If the stock gives the same return in the next months then the Snowflake Stock Forecast 2023 minimum is $150 to maximum is $220.

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Snowflake Stock Price Prediction 2025

Snowflake stock’s fast 1-year return is 37.19% Snowflake Year on year revenue is very good. FY2023 company revenue was 2.07B. Which is almost double the previous year. Till 2025 Snowflake’s Expected revenue would be around 4.72B. Snowflake Stock Price Prediction 2025 minimum is $200 to the maximum is $244.033.

Snowflake Stock Price Prediction

Snowflake Stock Price Prediction 2030

Snowflakes did a tremendous job. The revenue grown year on year is 70% and product revenue is over 1.9 billion dollars. Snowflake service revenue has grown by 58% YOY.

Snowflake stock price in 2030 could reach $450.

Snowflake Stock Price Prediction 2040

Vishnu flex company part 3 year average revenue has grown by 100%. According to the trading view analysis desk, out of 45 analysts, 25 analysts have, according to their prediction, the stock price Max reach $600, which means 224.95% of the current price.

Snowflake Stock Price Prediction 2050

The Snowflake company is in the business of data AI and ML and nowadays this is the most trending topic. As you know from the chat GPT and Google Bard are booming and the other Air tools are Bhoomi ng the same way this could be very beneficial for the future. Snowflake stock Prediction for 2025 could reach $1100.

Snowflake share price predication

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Snowflake Stock Forecast Table 2023-2050

YearsSnowflake Stock Forecast
2025$244.033 Approx
2030$450 Approx
2040$600 Estimated
2050$1100 Approx
Snowflake Stock Forecast Table 2023-2050

Expert opinion on Snowflake stock

  • According to the financial analysis desk, the company’s estimated growth in the next 5 years per annum is 66.60% as the company did 100% revenue growth in the past 3 years.
  • According to the Trading View website, they also have their analysis reading till 2024 their target is 600 dollars. And 45 analysts give their rating to the stock and out of 45 25 suggest a strong buy and 15 have a hold call.
Snowflake Stock Forecast
Image from trading view

Risks Related to the Snowflake Stock

Snowflakes company could face high competition because of in cloud data platform the other major companies can enter like Amazon As you know these companies already entered like Google these are very big companies.

 After reading the company’s investor presentation you will find the companies more revenue comes from small businesses that have a large customer base. If the business is small they could be a change according to the time and the customer can also be a change.


Snowflake is a cloud business and provides solutions to its customers based on user ratings.

The cloud business may be getting more competitive in the upcoming time because the big companies also their cloud services. But as the company performs in past 3 years the revenues increasing year by year.

And company finances are also good so the companies are good for the long-term investment purpose.

This article is for Educational purpose .Do not invest on behalf of information provided in the article. Please consult an expert before making decisions We are not SEBI registered advisor .  


Snowflakes buy, sell, or hold?

Well after analyzing a different website and listing his desk and after finding a lot of Google most of them recommend buying this stock.

What is the future of snowflakes?

Snowflake is an emerging leader in the data cloud, likely to grow in the future by 2030 the expected market grow by 376 billion.

What is the price prediction of snowflakes in 2023?

Snowflake’s stock price prediction for 2023 is $220.

Is a snowflake a good long-term investment?

As the company’s yearly revenue grows by 100% if a company performs well in the future then this is good for long-term investment.

What is the price prediction of snowflakes in 2025?

Snowflake Stock Forecast 2025 minimum is $200 to a maximum is $244.033.

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