Suzlon Share Price Target 2025-2030-2040-2050

Are you curious about the future of Suzon Energy’s share price? If yes, then this article is meant for you.

Suzlon Energy, the wind energy giant, has seen its share price soar in recent months, leaving many investors wondering: is this just a temporary gust, or a sustained shift in the wind?

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Buckle up, because we’re about to delve into the company’s financial performance, industry trends, and expert predictions to give you a clearer picture.

Based on the stock’s previous return and the company fundamentals and with the help of the market expert we are going to predict Suzlon’s share price target.

Suzlon Share Price Target

The company works on renewable energy solutions that provide business for manufacturing project execution and the operation and maintenance of wind turbine generation and sales-related components.

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Suzlon performed well in the stock market from a passive month. The 6-month return of Suzlon is very good.

Suzlon Company Overview

Suzlon manufactures the turbine and turbine-related components. Suzlon Energy is a leading Indian renewable energy solutions provider, specializing in wind energy.

The Suzlon company was incorporated in 1995.

Suzlon designs and manufactures wind turbine generators (WTGs) with capacities from 350 kW to 2.1 MW. Suzlon wind turbines are engineered for low wind sites and support a diverse range of blade variants.

They do the Installation and commissioning of wind power projects across markets like India, China, Europe, Australia, and North and South America.

Their work includes the Development of wind farm projects, and working with partners on activities ranging from site selection, and land acquisition to obtaining project approvals and financing.

Company NameSuzlon Energy Ltd
Market Cap₹ 21,765.54 Cr
Number of Shares1,247.31 Cr
P/E Ratio10.06
52 Week High/Low₹ 18.45/₹ 5.42
Debt₹ 4,261.23 Cr
Cash₹ 410.02 Cr.
Sector P/E26.01
Suzlon Company Overview

Suzlon Energy Market Presence

  • India’s leading wind energy player: Suzlon boasts over 14,330 MW of installed wind capacity across 111+ wind farms in India.
  • Global reach: With over 12,780 turbines installed across six continents, Suzlon has a significant international presence.
  • Diverse clientele: Suzlon caters to cust
  • Solar energy: Suzlon offers solar photovoltaic (PV) solutions, including rooftop and ground-mounted systems.
  • Foundry business: Suzlon manufactures fully-finished castings and forgings for various industries.

Suzlon Share Price Returns

1 Day4.81%
1 Week10.73%
1 Month40.0%
3 Months146.54%
1 Year194.74%
3 Years300.0%
5 Years176.06%
Suzlon Share Price Returns

Suzlon Share Price Target 2025

Suzlon share price’s previous returns are well past 3 months’ returns are +146.54% and past 1-year returns are +194.74%.

Suzlon Share Price Target

Suzlon Energy is working on a good concept of renewable energy. As you know, most of the brands are moving to electric vehicles.

The use of electricity to recharge them hence the companies working on renewal and energy and generating of electricity will be an additional point. Suzlon share price in 2025 minimum is Rs 55 to Maximum ₹ 65.

To forecast the company’s future, it is also critical to consider the state of the market and any industry developments that can have an impact on Suzlon Energy’s stock price. The field of renewable energy has had tremendous expansion and increased investment over the last few years, which may be positive for the company’s future.

2025Share Price Target
Suzlon Energy’s technological innovations and market expansion may also have a significant impact on the performance of its stock. Based on the current circumstances, we can project that Suzlon Energy’s stock price in 2025 may reach ₹56.87.

Suzlon Share Price Target 2026

Suzlon Energy has the potential for great things in the future. The company is working nonstop to increase the range of items it offers and solidify its position in the market. The need for sustainable energy solutions will rise shortly as nations all over the world establish goals for the quick expansion of renewable energy.

2026Share Price Target

Suzlon is poised to achieve even greater success in the sector thanks to its strategic relationships and constant commitment to research and development. The share price target of Suzlon Energy, if we discuss it till 2026, might reach ₹66.10.

Suzlon Share Price Target 2030

Investors may be drawn to Suzlon Energy because of its dedication to environmental stewardship and long-term sustainability. Suzlon Energy’s established presence and trustworthiness can position it as a dependable investment option for environmentally aware consumers as the world shifts to green energy. By 2030, Suzlon Energy’s share price objective is expected to reach ₹110.

The company’s past 3-year compound sale growth is 26% and compounding profit is 27% and the stop CAGR is also good at 68%.

Suzlon stock

The suzlon energy company net profit continuously increased in March 2022 the net loss of the company was Rs 177 crore and in March 2023 the company had a net profit of Rs 2,887 crore. The Suzlon share price target in 2030 Minimum is 110 and the Maximum is ₹134.7.

Suzlon Share Price Target 2040

Foreign institutional investors increased their holding in Suzlon Energy by 0.15%. end domestic institutions are also increasing their holding in Suzlon Energy by 0.35%.

In the upcoming time if FII and DII increase their holding in this stock, there are a lot of chances that the stock will perform well.

The company has a large client base from ACC cement to Hero. These are listed client bases of Suzlon Energy.

  • ACC
  • GAIL
  • ONGC
  • ITC
  • SBI
  • TATA
  • TVS

As the company has very strong client ways this is very helpful for growing in the future for this company. The Suzlon share price target in 2040 minimum is 450 and the maximum ₹600.

Suzlon Share Price Target 2050

The company maintains a good order book. Companies’ sales grow year by year and net profit is also growing slowly and steadily.

suzlon company revenue
Image from Suzlon PPT

The company set their gold till 2030 is 500 GW renewal capacity. They have a 3,150-megawatt manufacturing capacity plant in India. The Suzlon share price target in 2040 minimum is 600 and the maximum ₹800.

Suzlon Share Price Target Table 2025-2050

YearsMinimum TargetMaximum Target
2025 ₹ 22 ₹ 51
2030 ₹ 110 (Estimated) ₹ 134 (Approx)
2040 ₹ 450 (Approx) ₹ 600 (Approx)
2050 ₹ 600 (Approx) ₹ 800 (Approx)
Suzlon Share Price Target Table 2025-2050

Suzlon Company Share-Holding Pattern

Suzlon ENergy Ltd
Suzlon Energy Ltd. Latest Shareholding Pattern – Promoter, FII, DII, Mutual Fund holding: Source –Trendlyne

Suzlon Share Price Strengths & Weaknesses


  • The Company reduces the dead continuously
  • They are maintaining a healthy balance sheet.
  • Dev good control of employee expenses
  • Extensive experience: Over two decades of experience in wind energy has honed their expertise.
  • Strong R&D: Suzlon invests heavily in research and development, resulting in innovative and efficient wind turbine designs.
  • Integrated solutions: Suzlon provides a complete wind energy package, making it a one-stop shop for customers.


  • Promoter holding has reduced over the past few years

Factors Affecting Suzlon’s Future

Suzlon Energy’s recent surge has investors aflutter, wondering if this is just a fleeting breeze or a sustained windfall.

Fear not, for we’ll navigate the factors that could shape Suzlon’s share price like a seasoned skipper:

  • Demand for wind energy in the world Market.
  • How Indian Economy Performance.
  • The company’s financial performance
  • Any new government policies or regulations affecting the wind energy sector

Future Of Suzlon Energy

Will Suzlon’s blades continue to spin, or face an energy headwind?

  • Renewable energy focus: Suzlon is committed to driving the transition towards clean energy and is constantly expanding its renewable energy offerings.
  • Technological advancements: Suzlon actively invests in developing newer and more efficient wind turbine technologies to stay ahead of the curve.
  • International expansion: Suzlon aims to solidify its global presence and tap into emerging markets with high renewable energy potential.

Overall, Suzlon Energy is a leading player in the wind energy sector, renowned for its comprehensive solutions and commitment to sustainability.

With a strong track record and ambitious plans, Suzlon is poised to continue its growth trajectory and play a key role in shaping a greener future.

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Is Suzlon a good investment?

Suzlon is a good investment if you are bullish on the future of the wind energy sector.

The company has a strong track record and is well-positioned to benefit from the growth of the global demand for wind energy. However, it is important to do your research before investing in any stock.


Suzlon is overall a good stock and they have a healthy balance sheet. And the stock provides a good return from the past few months and past Few also and this stock is futuristic.

The energy demand will increase in the future as you know, so the stock price will also increase. So there is a high chance that Suzlon energy will reach ₹ 800 by 2050.

This article is for Educational purpose .Do not invest on behalf of information provided in the article. Please consult an expert before making decisions We are not SEBI registered advisor .  


What will Suzlon’s Stock price be in 2030?

Suzlon’s Stock Target for 2030 is 134 (Approx).

What is the expected Suzlon share price target in 2025?

The Suzlon share price target in 2025 is between INR 35 and INR 51.

What is the expected Suzlon share price target in 2050?

Suzlon share price target in 2050 is between a Minimum ₹600 and a maximum ₹800.

Is Suzlon a Debt-free company?

No, Suzlon has a debt of 1,938 Crores

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