The Tiktok Viral Video: Controversy Erupts on Social Media Over Fitness Coach’s Video

Who is Powerkinigirl and is she trending on TikTok? We have collected all the information for You. Read the full article and share it.

The lady got into trouble because she posted a video of herself practicing posing in a video from a famous fitness coach.

She said something like, “Why did you show up in the video when there was plenty of time to use the studio and relax for 30 seconds with foam rolling and use your phone?”

Another person named Powerkinigirl added, “I hope you had a good look.

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Who’s the real creep in this video? 🤔 #gymtok #gym #fyp

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The video has caused a big reaction on social media, and many people are criticizing her.

One person commented, “She disabled comments because she knew that Joey Swoll’s fans would criticize her.”

Another person said, “I find it interesting that she’s upset about someone looking at her when she’s posting her pictures for everyone to see on the internet. Anyway, that’s how people are.”

Someone else mentioned, “He didn’t even look at her, not even once.”

But the lady made her Instagram account private within just 10 minutes after the video became widely popular.

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