Titagarh Wagons Share Price Target 2025-2030-2040-2050

Unlock the potential for substantial gains with Titagarh Wagons as we delve into its remarkable performance, projecting a Share Price Target in 2025 ranging from a minimum of ₹750 to a maximum of ₹950

Investors, buckle up! Titagarh Wagons has revved up a 1742.24% return in just 3 years, leaving everyone in the dust. But can this high-octane growth continue? Let’s explore the engine under the hood – fundamentals, financials, and technicals – to see if it’s a smooth ride or a bumpy road ahead.

Why 2025?

  • Government’s infrastructure push: India’s ambitious infrastructure plans fuel demand for Titagarh’s wagons.
  • Diversification: Beyond wagons, Titagarh ventures into defense, mining, and metro segments, diversifying its revenue stream.
  • Strong order book: With a robust order book exceeding ₹28,000 crore, Titagarh’s growth trajectory seems promising.

But wait, hold the brakes!

  • Valuation concerns: The stock already trades at a premium, raising concerns about overvaluation.
  • Competitive landscape: Competition from established players like BEML and CRRC could challenge Titagarh’s market share.
  • Risks and uncertainties: Global economic fluctuations and policy changes can impact the company’s performance.

So, can it reach ₹950 by 2025?

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The answer isn’t a simple yes or no. It depends on various factors, including the execution of its plans, managing competition, and navigating external headwinds.

Let’s find out the share price forecast of Titagarh Wagon Company up to 2050.

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Titagarh Wagon Company Overview

Titagarh Wagons is an Indian public company engaged in manufacturing railway wagons, passenger coaches, and steel castings. It is headquartered in Kolkata, West Bengal.

Titagarh Wagons Company is a leading manufacturer of freight and passenger rolling stock in India. It was founded in 1997 by Uday Shankar Chowdhary and has its headquarters in Kolkata, West Bengal. The company has manufacturing facilities in India and Italy and has a wide range of products, including freight wagons, passenger coaches, metro trains, and electric propulsion equipment

Company NameTitagarh Rail Systems Ltd
Market Cap₹ 10,401 Cr.
ROE14.9 %
Debt₹ 353 Cr.
Return over 3years163 %
Book Value₹ 80.6
52 Week High/Low₹ 830 / 136
Debt to equity0.37
Stock P/E59.7
Sector P/E35.0
Titagarh Wagon Company Overview

TWL has technical collaborations with several global companies like Alstom Transport, France, and Prose AG, Switzerland. It is focused on introducing new technologies and expanding export markets.

Key competitors of Titagarh Wagons include other wagon manufacturers like Texmaco Rail & Engineering, Jupiter Wagons, BEML, etc. as well as global companies entering the Indian rail market.

Titagarh Wagons Share Price Target 2025

Total registered a strong double-digit growth of 27% on your basis on the improvement of the microeconomics scenario.

 In the financial 2023 Q1 quarter the total company income is ₹437 crore which is compared to the previous year’s Q1 2022 which was ₹345 Crores. Titagarh Wagons’ Share Price Target in 2025 minimum is ₹750 maximum is 950.

titagarh Wagons Company Net Profit
Titagarh Wagons

Titagarh Wagons Share Price Target 2030

The company’s total revenue in 2022 and financial 2023 increased by 43.5% which is good and the net income increased by 40,787%. Past 5 Years. net income has averaged 8200.36%, vs. the industry average of 2646.14%.  The company has a really strong order book of June 2022 10,041 Crores. The company will get a new order from the Indian railway. Titagarh Wagons Share price target in 2030 minimum is ₹1230 and maximum is ₹1560.

Titagarh Wagons Share Price Target

Titagarh Wagons Share Price Target 2040

Titagarh wagon promoters reduced their holding by 2.86% and the FII increased their holding by 5.55%. 

The stock is roaring in a share market company also growing well their sales growth part 3 year sales growth is 16% and the compounding profit growth in part 3 year is 70-8% which is considered to be nice. Titagarh wagon share price target in 2040 minimum is ₹3500 and the maximum is ₹4500.

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Titagarh Wagons Share Price Target 2050

Sita wagon stock’s last 10-year returns are  +3419.13%. Received Order worth Rs. 184 crores from the largest rolling stock manufacturer in the world, viz. CRRC for manufacturing 204 coaches for Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Ltd on a Job Contract basis.Which is considered an excellent return. Titagarh Wagons Share Price target 2050 minimum is Rs 5000 and 7000.

Titagarh Wagons Share Price Target

Titagarh Wagons Share Price Target 2025-2050

YearsMinimum Share Price TargetMinimum Share Price Target
2025₹750 ₹950
2030₹1230 approx₹1560 approx
2040₹3500 Estimated₹4500 Estimated
2050₹5000 approx₹7000 approx
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Expert opinion Titagarh Wagon Stock

  • According to the Trading View website. 5 analysts give their rating on Titagarh wagon stock and 6 of them as a buy.
titagarh share price target
  • According to the money control website, 11 analysis give their rating of 73% of them as buy and 27% of them as sell.


Titagarh Wagon is a financially stable company. But the company’s PE value is 70.05. The company has a good promoter holding of 44.96% and the good thing is that the foreign institutional investor increased their holding to 12.60%.


Any target mentioned on this website is taken by our analysis, and we are not SEBI registered advisors, our objective is only to provide detailed information related to the company’s business to the public.  Investors should conduct their research and analysis and consult with financial experts before making any investment decisions.


 Is the Titagarh wagon a good stock?

According to the money control website, 11 investors give the reviews 73% are bullish on the stock and 27% are bearish.

What is the share price target of Titagarh Wagon in 2025?

Titagarh Wagons’ Share Price Target in 2025 minimum is ₹750 maximum is 950.

What is the share price target of Titagarh Wagon in 2030?

Titagarh Wagons Share price target in 2030 minimum is ₹1230 and maximum is ₹1560.

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