Zomato Share Price Target 2025- 2050

We will analyze the Zomato stock in both prospects fundamentally and technically. After analysis of both types of prospects, we will have a good understanding of the Zomato stock.

Well after Q1 2023 result, Zomato showed a 2 crore profit in this quarter. Now the good thing is that the company is now in profit after the previous quarter loss of 188 Crores Loss.

So this is a good sign for a company being in profit now most of the experts.

Later in this article, we will analyze the different experts’ opinions and what are the different brokers’ firm targets, and what you should do based on your investment.

Zomato Share Fundamental Analysis.

After delivering a good quarterly result now the company stock has risen to 10%. In the past, the stock almost gave a 20% return.

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From the fundamental perspective if we see the main two things sales and company net profit the sales are continuously increasing and the net profit is also increasing.

Company NameZomato Ltd
Market Cap₹ 82,474 Cr.
Profit2 crores (Jun 2023)
Debt to Equity ratio0.03
52-Week High/Low₹ 98.0 / 44.4
Sector P/E119
Number of employees4,204 (2022)

In March 2023 the company reported a net loss of 188 Crores. In the June quarter of 2023, the company reported a profit of two crores.

Zomato is a leading platform in food service in India. They have 10 crore + application users all over India. Kab main reported 80 million monthly active users as of March 2023.

What are the benefits of investing in Zomato shares?

Well, Zomato is a leading company in online food services.

The best reason to buy a Zomato share.

  • Growth in the food delivery market in India will grow in the future.
  • Zomato is more focused on innovation.
  • The company is expanding its business in a new market. Recently they acquire blankit
  • Zomato has a strong brand name and market share.

Zomato shares Technical analysis.

From the technical perspective, Zomato is making a good move and currently, according to the RSI, the RSI value is 66.14 which means the current stock is in an overbought zone.

Zomato Share

Can I buy Zomato shares for the long term?

According to the experts Zomato’s share price their servicing target is 130 to 150. Zomato Share Price Target 2025-2030-2040-2050

Is buying Zomato shares for this year profitable?

Zomato share price target in 2025 according to the expert and the broker research. Most of the analyzing days target 2130 to 140 in the next 2 years.

Should I buy, sell or hold Zomato shares for post-Q1 result 2023?

After posting good quarterly results, Zomato stock rose to 25%.


Is it good to invest in Zomato?

The analysis is very bullish from Zomato. Next year 130 targets will be listed by the experts.

Is Zomato debt free?

No, the company is dead of Rs 507 crores.

What will Zomato’s share price be in 2025?

Zomato share price in 2025 is around Rs 110. minimum and maximum Rs 150.

Will Zomato be profitable?

In the June quarter of 2023, the company reported 2 crores of profit.

Can I buy one share of Zomato?

Yes, you can buy one share of Zomato just you need to open your demat account with any broker after that you can place an order for one Zomato share.

What is the dividend yield of Zomato shares?

No, Zomato does not pay a dividend.

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