Excel Realty Share Price Target 2023-2025-2030-2040-2050

Are you looking for investment in Excel reality stock? In this article, we are going to understand Excel reality stock. Do a fundamental analysis of stock and forecast Excel Realty Share Price Target 2023-2025-2030-2040-2050.

Excel reality stock is trading at Rs 0.35. Stock is continuously falling. Stock made a time of Rs 3.02 in 2017 after that stock fell -91.88%. Stock is not performing well.

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Excel Realty Company Overview

The company was incorporated in 2003 with limited BPO service and the companies also engaged in trading activities.

Company NameExcel Realty N Infra Ltd
Market Cap₹ 49.37 Cr
DebtRs 29 Lakh
Cash FlowRs 1.42 Cr
Number of Shares141.07 Cr
ROE-1.56 %
Sales Growth14.88%
Face ValueRs 1.
52 Week High/Low₹ 0.75/₹ 0.20

Excel Realty Share Price Target 2023

Currently, the stock trading is Rs 0.34. returns are not appreciating past 3 months returns have negative 12.5% past 1-year returns are negative 40.01%.

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If the stock gives a return in the same way then the share price of Excel Realty in 2023 would be Rs 0.29.

Excel Realty Share Price Target 2025

Excel reality 1-year return negative if you are stuck give the same return in next year then the stock price will be Rs 0.20. 

Excel Realty Share Price Target 2030

Excel’s past 3-year returns are 400%. If we calculate the stock price from the current price and the return in the past 3 years then the stock price in 2030 would be Rs 1.36.

Excel Realty Share Price Target 2040

The Excel reality is a penny stock so this is related to very high risk and the stock returns are also not good. However, over the past few years, the company’s current ratio is higher than the industry ratio. And company’s net profit is also positive by Rs  27 lakh.

The company improves their sales and net profit than the stock price till 2040 approx  Rs 4.10

Excel Realty Share Price Target 2050

Companies entered in trading business in the financial year 2023 company generated 5.2 CR from trading.

From it and BPO business company generated no revenue. However, from the infrastructure activity, the company generated 1.23 CR in the financial 2023.

Excellent share price in 2050 is estimated at around Rs 8.

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Excel Realty Share Price Target Table 2023-2050

YearsExcel Realty Share Price Target
2023Rs 0.34
2025Rs 0.20
2030Rs 1.36
2040Rs 4.10
2050Rs 8
Excel Realty Share Price Target Table 2023-2050

Excel Realty Company Strengths and Weaknesses.


  • The company has reduced its debt
  • Stock is trading at 0.29 times its book value.
  • Company net profit slow in March 2023 is 4.29 crores


  • Company growth negative 20.3% over the past 5 years.
  • Promoter holding is low 20%

Personal opinion 

For investment purposes, the stock is highly risky. The stock is 10.3 X volatile as a nifty. Personally, the company’s stock returns are not good so this may be a really risky investment in the Excel reality company but the company’s profitability is increasing which is a good sign for a company.


Excel realty stock is now showing improvement in its balance sheets. past year net profit is Rs 27 Lakh. But according to technical analysis stock in bearish means downtrends.

This article is for Educational purpose .Do not invest on behalf of information provided in the article. Please consult an expert before making decisions We are not SEBI registered advisor .  


Can we buy Excel Realty shares?

Yes, you can buy Excel realty buy any broker.

Q- What is the PE ratio of Excel Realty N Infra Ltd?

Excel realty share P/E ratio is 190.22.

Q- What is Excel Realty’s share price target for 2025?

Excel Realty’s share price target for 2025 is Rs 0.20.

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