UCO Bank Share Price Target 2025-2030-2040-2050

Hello Investor, In the articles we are going to discuss UCO bank share price target. We will also discuss whether you should invest in the stock or not based on the company’s balance sheet and the company’s market condition.

Well the UCO bank P/E ratio is really good 24.6 and the ROCE of the company is 4.75% the last 3 years’ sales growth is 5.26% which could be considered good sales growth and the profit is from 40.3%.

UCO Bank Overview

UCO Bank is a commercial bank established in 1943 and headquartered in Kolkata, India. It is a government-owned bank under the administration of the Ministry of Finance.

UCO Bank has over 3,000 branches across India with a presence in urban, semi-urban, and rural areas. It also has an overseas presence with branches in Singapore, Hong Kong, and Dubai.

The bank offers a wide range of banking products and services including deposits, loans, trade finance, treasury operations, retail banking, agricultural banking, SME banking, etc.

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Its core business is commercial banking focused on working capital finance, term loans, export credit, and bill discounting for small businesses and MSMEs. Retail lending is also a key segment.

The bank has a strong presence in East and North-East India. It is considered a leading bank for agricultural and inclusive banking initiatives.

How Yes Bank is growing again and what will be its future?

 UCO Bank has reported losses in recent years due to high NPAs.

The government has been infusing capital into UCO Bank to maintain its growth and meet regulatory requirements. Its capital adequacy ratio stood at 14.37% as of March 2022.

Company NameUCO Bank
Market Cap₹ 50,322 Cr
Debt₹ 2,69,839 Cr.
P/E Ratio25.6
Sector P/E14.2
Debt to Equity ratio10.5
ROE7.55 %
Dividend Yield
52 Week High/Low₹ 48.5 / 11.5
Profit Var 3Yrs40.3 %
UCO Bank Key Points

UCO Bank Share Price Target 2025

If we see the UCO Bank stock return then you will find in the past 2 years company has given a good return of 141.98% and in the past 2 years the stock returned is given by 198.67%. UCO bank generated the highest Net profit a FY Rs 1862 Cr. The Bank Did the Highest Business of Rs 410967 Cr.

By MonthMinimum PriceMaximum Price
January 2025₹80₹84
February 2025₹84₹88
March 2025₹88₹93
April 2025₹93₹97
May 2025₹97₹101
June 2025₹101₹105
July 2025₹105₹109
August 2025₹109₹113
September 2025₹113₹118
October 2025₹118₹122
November 2025₹122₹126
December 2025₹126₹130
UCO Bank Share Price Target 2025
uco bank share target 2025

So in this way, if we consider that the UCO Bank gives the same return till 2025 then the UCO Bank share price target for 2025 the minimum is Rs 80 and the maximum price is Rs 130.

UCO Bank Share Price Target 2030

If you see the company’s net profit that is increasing year on year if you see the net profit of the past 3 years from March 2021 to March the company did good growth in March 2021 the company’s net profit is Rs 167 crores in March 2022 the company reach to Rs 930 Crores profit in a march 2023 the company almost double is profit so that is a good thing the companies net profit is increasing.

uco bank

In the future, the company make its balance sheet stronger and reduce its expenses. UCO Bank’s share price target for 2030 minimum is Rs 180 and the maximum is Rs 250.

UCO Bank Share Price Target 2040

Yes, you are looking for the UCO Bank share price target 2040 difficult to discuss the exact price but by analysing the company’s sales growth in compounding profit and the return on equity it is really helpful to understand the company’s upcoming price.

uco share
Image Credit: UCO Bank Reports

Show the company compounded sales growth in part 3 year is 5% and the compound profit growth in past 3 years is 40%.

The stock has also given a good return in the past 3 years at 49% and past 1 year is 240%. In the same way, the UCO Bank can give good returns in 2040 so the UCO Bank Share Price Target for 2040 the minimum is Rs 450 and the maximum is Rs 520.

UCO Bank Share Price Target 2050

UCO bank has a great promoter holding 95.39% the company only dilutes 4.61%. that is a really good thing that the Indian institution also has a holding of 1.35% and foreign institutions have a holding of 0.05% rest of the holdings have a public 240%.

uco bank share holding pattern
Image Credit: UCO Bank Reports

UCO Bank Share Price Target for 2050 is a minimum price of ₹800 and the maximum is Rs 900.

UCO Bank Share Price Target 2025-2050

YearsMinimum TargetMinimum Target
2025Rs 80Rs 130
2030Rs 180Rs 250
2040Rs 400 EstimatedRs 520 Estimated
2050Rs 750 EstimatedRs 900 Estimated
UCO Bank Share Price Target 2025-2050

UCO Bank ShareHolding

Mar 2019Mar 2020Mar 2021Mar 2022Mar 2023Sep 2023
Promoters +93.29%94.44%94.44%95.39%95.39%95.39%
FIIs +0.30%0.12%0.11%0.02%0.16%0.09%
DIIs +4.24%2.31%1.59%1.29%1.37%1.36%
Public +2.17%3.12%3.86%3.30%3.08%3.14%
No. of Shareholders2,97,1213,18,5633,75,1994,26,2445,36,9425,83,242
UCO Bank ShareHolding


Overall, the growth trend will come again in UCO Bank. We have shared all the details and the target of the share price.


Any target mentioned on this website is taken by our analysis, and we are not SEBI registered advisors, our objective is only to provide detailed information related to the company’s business to the public.  Investors should conduct their own research and analysis and consult with financial experts before making any investment decisions.

References: Economics Times

UCO Bank


Will you go bank share price bro in 2023?

Well, it depends on the manufacturer like company balance sheet companies’ market performance in the government policy according to the bank.

Is UCO Bank good for long-term investment?

Yes, it could be a good fully long-term investment because the company has strong management and company from the past 3 years the company’s net profit has been increasing well.

What is the target of UCO Bank in 2025?

UCO Bank’s share price target for 2025 the minimum is Rs 80 and the maximum price is Rs 130.

What is the target of UCO Bank in 2030?

UCO Bank’s share price target for 2030 minimum is Rs 180 and the maximum is Rs 250.

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